The Millbrook B&B, COVID-19 Policy

The following policy sets out the procedures we are following as directed by the Government and their Guidelines. If you are unsure about anything in this policy please contact us direct on 01803 297394 or


As normal the Terms and Conditions on our website can be referred to at anytime, however, if you require any information please contact us direct. This policy for the safety of us and all our guests, during these difficult times.

If for any reason, prior to arrival, you or anybody else in your party have a high temperature, cough, loss of taste or smell, you should NOT travel, but stay home and self isolate.

We will be more than happy to transfer your booking to another convenient date either this year or next, please call and discuss with us.


When you arrive at The Millbrook B&B, please park your car as normal in the car park. If other guests are entering or vacating their car, please remain in your car until they have either entered the house or left the car park, this will ensure Social Distancing. Please then enter the porch.

If you are arriving by foot or taxi, please enter the porch, as normal, and we will open the door as soon as we can. It might be there are guests already checking in, so we would ask you to be patient and wait a few minutes.

The outside doors, into the porch will remain open. Please use the hand sanitiser which will be on the wall next to the front door to sanitise your hands BEFORE ringing the bell or trying the door handle. 

Check In

At The Millbrook B&B, we always offer a warm welcome and like to check our guests in ourselves, we do not have staff. Your check in may be a little different to normal.

Please use the hand sanitiser on the wall next to the front door, BEFORE ringing the bell or trying the door handle. If we see you arriving we will wedge the door open for you, but you MUST use the hand sanitiser BEFORE entering the house.

If the door is not open, please do as above and we will open the door as soon as we can, we may be with other guests.

We would request that you allow us to open and wedge the door and move back to behind the Reception desk, before you enter the house, this way we will be able to ensure a Social Distancing.

It will also allow us to then welcome and talk with you as we would do normally.

We normally request payment at check in, this will still be required, you are more than welcome to settle your account, prior to arrival, by BACs or card payment over the phone, to limit any contact, however, we will still have the facility to pay by card on the day of arrival.

We are always happy to help with luggage and like to show guests to their room, during these times we will not be able to help with carrying luggage to your room, there will be an Information Pack in your room, which has been produced especially for you and will be discarded after your departure.

Should you not be able to carry your own luggage, we will help by walking at a safe distance from you and leave your bags outside your door. 


If another guest is already walking along the corridor or stairs, please stand back or go back into your room, so then can pass safely and you can then resume your journey. 


We will put a welcome letter in your room and it will familiarise you with our Guidelines during your stay.

Please be assured that your room will have been cleaned to the highest standard, prior to your arrival.

We would ask that you wash your hands on entering your bedroom and before leaving each time.

We will be removing scatter cushions and runners from the beds. The bedding and towels are professionally cleaned by an outside company.

The tourist attraction literature will also be removed from the room, please ask if you want any of these items and we will supply them, we have them in stock.

A requirement in the Government Guidelines is that we remove essential items from the room. So if you require cotton buds, make up remover pads or cotton wool, please ask. We will supply the small shampoo/conditioner and shower gel bottles in the room.

We would request you leave dirty cups and bin bags outside your room and we will replace them daily.

You are welcome to bring cold food, sandwiches, crisps, fruit etc into your room. We request you do not have hot food in the room. 


We will be ensuring Social Distancing at Breakfast.

There will be a hand sanitiser on the Reception desk and one in the breakfast room on the wall, please use these before entering and when leaving.

Breakfast will be served either in our Guest Lounge or Breakfast Room, you will be advised on arrival where you will be seated for breakfast.

For guests that have booked Bed and Breakfast, a Pre-Order system and staggered breakfast times will be in operation.

Guests will also have the option of pre-ordering a Continental breakfast, which can be delivered to your bedroom door.

If you require a Cooked Breakfast you will need to use the Guest Lounge or Breakfast Room.

The completed pre-order forms must be left outside your bedroom door by 7pm each evening, otherwise we will presume you are not having breakfast the next day.

We will not be able to offer our normal buffet table, however, you will be able to order on the pre-order form and this will be served freshly each day to your table.

All condiments will be available in disposable sachets. Jam and Marmalade will be brought to your table if requested.

Guests will be requested to leave dirty dishes, plates on an empty table and once the table is vacated they will be cleared away. This is to ensure as little contact as possible.

Claire will serve hot food to the table.

Our Guest Lounge following breakfast will be cleaned, locked and then unavailable for use to ensure it is kept clean for the next day. This will also apply to the breakfast room, unfortunately the garden will not be available to use, during the current situation. Room 2 will be able to use their outside patio area only.

We would like to remind all our guests that we have a 5 Star food hygiene rating and we will ensure that we continue to adhere to the highest standards in food safety and cleanliness.


As you will see from our reviews, we undertake a high standard of cleaning at The Millbrook B&B, we have now introduced cleaning products approved and used by the NHS.

The products we use are diluted on site, we have unlimited access to these products so can use as needed. the products are used throughout the house including bedroom, bathroom, breakfast room and kitchen. We will also ensure that corridors and stairs are daily cleaned as well as customer touch points.

The products kill 99.9% of bacteria within 30 seconds, is tested to EN 14476 and is 99.9% effective against enveloped viruses including coronavirus. It also passes the BSEN 1276 and 13697.

As we will be unable to clean your room daily, we would request that you put any dirty cups and bin bags outside your door, in the morning, before you go out. These will be replaced and left outside your door for your return. If you require any items to be replaced (tea, coffee, toilet rolls etc) please let us know.

If you require fresh milk on a daily basis, please ask at breakfast and it will be brought to your table before you leave.  

Check Out

We will still be saying Goodbye to our guests in the normal way at check out, there will be a box on the Reception desk, which we request you put your room key in, we will then be able to sanitise ready for the next guest.

Again if there are a few rooms checking out please adhere to the 2m Social Distance.

General Information

Please ensure that you adhere to the Social Distancing as required in the Government Guidelines, this is for everyone’s safety whilst in the house.

If you feel unwell during your stay with us, you must notify us immediately, you will have to check out and leave the premises and return to your home, where you should self-isolate as required.

Should either of us develop Coronavirus and we have to close, we will notify you immediately to cancel your booking, we will offer a full refund (if already paid) and alternative suitable dates.

If you would like to discuss any of the details in this policy or have any other questions please do not hesitate contact us on the details above.

Stay safe and see you soon.

Ben and Claire